Ms. WEI Min

Associate professor

Doctor of linguistics, master's Supervisor

Member of the World Association of Chinese Language Teaching

National Putonghua tester

Member of Hubei Language Society

Director, Department of Chinese as a foreign language, International College


Ms. TANG Qing

I was one with more than 20 years of teaching experience in foreign language education. With professional rigor and commitment, my great passion is bringing and advocating Chinese language to foreign students who plan to pursue study in China. I help them to find charm of Chinese culture and adapt to China’s society so to make it an enjoyable, meaningful and fruitful experience in their academic life.



Associate Professor

Teaching Since : July 2004

Main Courses: Comprehensive Chinese; Chinese Reading & Writing

E-mail: 474872597@qq.com


Ms. FENG Jie


Teaching Since: August 2004

Main Courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese practice.

E-mail: 61844028@qq.com


Ms. SHI Xiaojing

I am 史小敬,my English name is Jessica. I graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. Then I got a higher degree in The Central China Normal University in Wuhan . I used to be an English teacher in School of Foreign Languages. And then I entered the International College three years ago through an interview and became a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language.In the university, I had initial skills of becoming a qualified teacher and to teach up to a certain level of teaching.Being a teacher is tired but excited, the most important that I have learned from these years of teaching experience is that a teacher should have the kind of the mind that always wants to go on learning.