1. Do I need to pay for the insurance if I already have one in my country?

Yes, every student needs to buy insurance at WUST

2. Where should I go if I have some visa problems?

Please go to ISO at the campus you stay.

 (Qingshan Campus Room502; Huangjiahu Campus Room 52512)

3. How to use WUST’s WIFI in library or other places?

Yes, please consult ISO for relevant procedure.

4. Can we borrow books from Library?

Yes, please consult ISO for relevant procedure.

5. How can I find out about WHU events?

Please browse WUST’s website and get contact with student union for foreign students.

6. Are there any important event especially organized for foreign students? Can we participate?

Welcome Party (New Year Celebration) will be held each year.

For more information, please consult ISO.

7. Where can I get the course schedule?

Usually the course schedule will be available after students register at Wuhan University of Science and Technology.

For undergraduates, it will be provided by ISO.

For postgraduates, it will be provided by major school.

8. How can I change my major to Chinese language since I find the Chinese taught courses are very difficult for me?

Please go to ISO for more details.

9. When can I get my transcript and where can I collect it?

Usually, the transcript will be sent to students after the semester ends. Please consult ISO for more details.

10. Can I go back home before I take the last exam since I have some emergency back home?

Please consult ISO.

11. How can I extend my study at WUST?

Please consult ISO.

14. Can I use the dorm after the semester ends?

Usually, students need to move out if the semester ends.

15. What are the procedures that I need to go through before going back to my country?

Please consult ISO.