The Wuhan University of Science and Technology and Birmingham City University Hold a Web Conference to Promote Project Cooperation


At 16:00 Beijing time on May 15th, 2020 (9 a.m. BST Friday), the university held an online meeting with Birmingham City University to discuss the promotion of a joint undergraduate program in Network Engineering.

我校国际学院院长双文庭教授、副院长江志刚教授以及伯明翰城市大学工程学院副院长David Proverbs教授和项目负责人William Campbell博士参加了本次会议。本次会议双方就新一轮合作下培养方案的修订、学生的管理、学位的颁发等重要问题充分交换了意见,达成了共识。本次会议对深入推进两校的深度合作具有重要意义。
Professor Shuang Wenting, Dean of the WUST International School, Professor Jiang Zhigang, Vice Dean, Professor David Proverbs, Associate Dean of  Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, Birmingham City University, and Dr. William Campbell, the project leader, attended the meeting. During the meeting, the two sides thoroughly exchanged views and reached a consensus on the revision of the training program, the management of students, the awarding of degrees, and other important issues in the new round of cooperation. This meeting was of great significance to further promote the in-depth cooperation between the two universities.