My Quarantine Experience At WUST

闻 东

For more than Eight months now, the world has been facing a deadly pandemic outbreak of corona virus (COVID 19). All-around the world, nations are battling body and arms to get rid of this dramatic situation and here is how China especially WUST managed to get through.

My name is Dasilva, I am 26 years of age and come from Cameroon. I am also a master student at Wuhan University of Science and Technology at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology.

During the early stages of this situation, WUST immediately took preventive measures and confined all its students at their international dormitories as was initiated by the Chinese government, who attaches great importance to the health and safety of international students. During the lockdown, WUST greatly assisted the students by providing foodstuffs and items. This was well managed and conducted with the help of student’s leaders who provided the list of items and stuffs needed and the school did provide more than 96% of these items despite the shortages of basic necessities arising that time. Also, WUST supported the students with free delicious and balanced meals with restaurant standard. Better, they additionally offered free food stuffs and drinks in packages and provided online psycho-medical counseling for student who felt depressed. Moreover, body temperature checks were conducted daily with thermometers provided to students, face masks, hydro gels as well as detergents and disinfectants. Free COVID 19 test was provided which made me felt safer and taken care of as a family at WUST. My quarantine experience as a student was memorable with a sweet and happy feeling of belonging to this wonderful family of WUST despite the long periods of lockdown. Actually, thanks to the help and coordinated preventive and barrier measures taken by the government, WUST and the international students’ participation, we all were able to get through and leave this situation behind us. Now preparation for school reopening are been made and all I can say is “much love to WUST and China”.



Some souvenir pictures of support and assistance offered by Wuhan University of Science and Technology, WUST.