Notification on 2022 May Day Arrangement


Notification on 2022 May Day Arrangement


To all students


In order to effectively implement normalized on campus pandemic prevention and control, ensure school order for education and teaching, as well as to guarantee the health of teachers and students and the safety of the whole campus, combined with the current epidemic prevention situation, International Student Affairs Office(ISO) hereby inform all international students of Arrangements for the May Day 2022 as follows:


There will be a three-days-holiday on April 30th, May 1st (Saturday and Sunday of the 10th week), and May 2nd (Monday of the 11th week).From May 3rd (Tuesday) , there will maintain the normal teaching schedule. 



During the festival, students will not be allowed to go out of school unless it is necessary. Leaving school (within Wuhan) requires a leave report and get the permission. In view of the current situation of pandemic prevention and control, students are not allowed to leave Wuhan city nor going to medium and high risk areas. During the period of pandemic prevention and control, students who leave the school without permission will be seriously dealt with according to the school rules.


Process for asking for leave(within Wuhan): Students leaving school (within Wuhan) need to report to supervisor.


Enhance awareness,do personal protections well. Participate in physical exercises actively, keep the dormitory clean, do a good job of personal hygiene, and obey the regulations of ISO during winter holiday and consciously conduct health monitoring in accordance with school regulations. Observe the school entry and exit regulations, do not go out unless necessary, keep fixed spaces of the learning and living , avoid crowds, especially places with poor air mobility, and maintain social distance in public places.


Obey dormitory regulations carefully. When you go out, please lock up windows and door of dormitory, keep your valuable properties properly and be back to school early.Please pay attention to the safety of electricity, make sure you have cut off the supply of the electricity when you leave. Do not pull wires and use high-power appliances or inferior chargers, and do not cook in the dormitory, so as to prevent fire hazards .


Enhance safety awarenesstake cautions of network frauds. Pay attention to your personal information safety and take cautions of various kinds of frauds like telecommunications and network.



Wish all students a healthy and safe holiday !






International Student Affairs Office

International school, WUST