International students visit newly-opened Qingshan library

On June 21,  "Reading Without Borders" Chinese and foreign reading exchange activity was held in Qingshan Library. Residents from WUST Community and international students from Wuhan University of Science and Technology gathered together to share the fun of reading and taste the beauty of literature.


Entering the Qingshan District Library, everyone were deeply attracted by the creative design. The library wisely demonstrate the "green mountains, lucid waters, red steel city" according to the physical space of three floors. The first floor corresponds to the "Castle Peak," the 3rd floor to "Green Water," and the 4th floor is "Red Steel City," each floor is unique and integrated.


"Wrath sets on end my hair, I lean on railings where I see the drizzling rain has ceased." In the poem recitation sharing part, Mbemba and Raoul recited the poem "The River All Red" in Chinese. Although their Chinese was not very fluent, but the recitation is full of emotion that impressed all the audience. Especially the verses"Should youthful heads in vain turn grey, We would regret for aye." won everyone's applause. Zhou Jiahao, a sophomore from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, made a wonderful analysis of the poem, which led us to experience the author's heroic ambition of serving the country.Guinea student Sekou shared his opinion of reading. He thought reading can help us get rid of stress and broaden our horizon. The joy, laughter, applause, made the room full of cultural atmosphere.


Afterwards, students shared their favorite books. Mbemba shared the book The African Child written by Camara Laye, a Guinean writer. Sekou introduced a book named"Poor Dad Rich Dad," that told us the idea of "don't be a slave to money, let money work for us," which triggered a discussion among audience. The Courage To Say No has influenced me since my middle school time. It tells us that we should have the courage to refuse when facing bad temptations. " Bright from Ghana said.


All participants experienced the round table game in the Harry Potter themed reading area of the library and VR immersive learning. Talking about the feelings of this activity, Bright said: "this activity is particularly interesting. I would like to thank the Qingshan library for the books and technologies. In my daily life, I will read more books to improve myself."


In the end of the visit, 16 sets of bilingual books were presented to the International School of Wuhan University of Science and Technology by Community leaders. George, a student from Tanzania, received a  bookmark with painting pattern of Dunhuang as a souvenir. He said happily: “It is not only a gift, but also a precious friendship. This library visit helps me make new friends and learn new knowledge.”